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EASY accessories for an Easy fitting: forget the drilling!

EASY accessories for an Easy fitting

EASY accessories for an Easy fitting. Accessories are a key part of the bathroom. There are as many accessories as styles. They all have 4 modes of installation: fixed to the wall with a drilling, with suction pads, adhesive on in between the basin and the unit. We need to highligh that the latter option, the easiest.

Advantages of Easy accessories

An easy installation

As these products have been developed to be perfectely compatible with most of our vanities.

They all have a hook to be placed on the side of the furniture, then the washbasin being on top. After fitting the accessory, we advise to check that the sink is at the right level, especially with our 60cm vanities.

No need to drill

The installation of our accessories does not involve drilling or making any kind of holes, neither in the unit, nor the wall. This way it will avoid the cerami being damaged when fitted onto our collections such as KYOTO, VISION, GRANADA or DECOR.

You will enjoy not having to care for this detail !

The comfort of having all Easy to reach.

On your everyday use, you will enjoy the simplicity of being able to have your towel within reach, as well as your hairdryer and even hairstraightener.

They will perfectly match to you bathroom style

Accesories such as the Easy towel rail without drilling will effortlessly match the style you have as we offer it in the 3 trendy finishes: chrome, white or black.

Furthermore, you can match your accessories to Bondi or Granada handles and even to the new Square feet.

Get to know our new accessories

If you are thinking about purchasing our EASY accessories for bathroom furniture, here you have 3 items you will love:

  • Towel rail.
  • Hairstraightener holder.
  • Hairdryer holder.

All of which are available in white, black or Chrome, with a design that will provide you with an extra comfort.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information on any of these products and their installation.

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