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Discover the types of washbasins that can be installed in your bathroom and their advantages

Types of washbasins that can be installed in your bathroom

Types of washbasins that can be installed in your bathroom. The World Handwashing Day was celebrated 14th october, at Visobath, we dedicate the new blog to talk about the importance of the space where we take this action: the basin. Inside the bathroom furniture, it is one of the key elements of daily hygiene due to its continuous use to wash us.

Therefore, in order for you to choose the right one for your home, we will help you choose between the different types of basins that can be installed in your bathroom and their advantages over all others. ¡ Surely you will be surprised by the existing variety!

Which are the types of basins that can be installed at your bathroom and their qualities

By installation

The integrated washbasins are part of the worktop, which gives the sensation of being part of the same piece of furniture because there is no element that distinguishes them. They are the most classic and provide excellent visual uniformity.

In addition, they have the advantages that they will not just take away space from the countertop compared to other installations. On the other hand, since there are no separations or unevenness, no dirt will accumulate and you can clean them in a much more comfortable way.

Table top

They are one of the types of basins that you can install in your bathroom very practical. They are superimposed and fixed on the counter of the furniture and only need a cut for the drains that will make them work correctly.

These can be installed on a low cabinet without any problem so that it is at the perfect height. You can combine different shapes (bowl, square, oval…) and shades so that the composition you make is ideal in your bathroom.

By material


Ceramic washbasins stand out for their glossy finish and their resistance to cleaning products. In addition, it is one of the most hygienic for its cleanliness.


Resins are very practical materials, able to withstand shocks and adapt to all styles to create a minimalist and elegant design. Care must be taken with abrasive products, as they cannot withstand their harmful effects.

Solid Surface

If you are looking for among the different types of washbasin that can be installed in your bathroom one of great strength, choose Solid Surface, a resin capable of withstanding the effects of shocks and bacteria. Currently, they are highly appreciated and are in full swing thanks to their customization. They also cannot withstand abrasive cleaning products.


Now that trends take us to the natural and echo, stone is in fashion. It has the advantage of resisting the blows that can be given; but be careful with the stains, being porous is very delicate in front of them.


Glass is another bathroom material that you will love. It has the advantage of being able to clean easily and you can customize it in different colors. Be careful with the blows, because it does not resist them.

Discover Visobath washbasin catalogue

In the catalogs of Visobath you can find all these types of basins that can be installed in your bathroom. In all of them we unite design and innovation to adapt to all kinds of spaces in which you need this excellent element.

In this way, if you want to know them in depth to choose the one that suits you best, we encourage you to contact us without any commitment.