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Antibacterial paint for our lacquered vanities, Visobath innovation

Antibacterial paint for our lacquered vanities

Antibacterial paint for our lacquered vanities. At Visobath we know how important hygiene is for our customers. More and more people were requiring vanities to prevent bacterial proliferation.

Therefore, to be at the forefront of the sector, we have started to use in our lacquered furniture, a high quality and effective antibacterial paint: BIOBACTER R from KUPSA. We explain it in our new blog. You will surely be impressed by its features!

KUPSA BIOBACTER R, antibacterial paint for Visobath lacquered furniture

BIOBACTER R is the new product we use when painting our lacquered furniture to prevent bacteria from proliferating. Made with silver ions at a microscale level, it is a recognized technique that does not affect health. It acts against harmful germs, such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Its effectiveness is more than proven, as BIOBACTER is able to adhere to the cell to interrupt its genetic multiplication. Thus, we have managed to reduce bacteria in our furniture by up to 99% in less than 24 hours. A really impressive figure!

In addition, one of its great advantages is that it is effective throughout the life cycle of the product so the passage of time does not imply a decrease or disappearance of this quality, as long as the product layer applied to the finish is not removed or sanded. If so, you would only have to apply a new one to recover the antibacterial protection.

These excellent qualities of KUPSA BIOBACTER R do not impact the quality of our lacquered bathroom furniture, that will remain the same but with an add-on of hygiene that you will appreciate.

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